Yannick Weiss

Testing DHCP Behaviour of Network Devices

Home Automation systems often do not plan for a power outage.

Sending Push Notifications with IFTTT

ifttt notification

How to find a Rogue DHCP Server

Use nmap to request a DHCPOFFER, and capture the answers with tcpdump.

brew install dhcpdump
brew install nmap
dhcpdump -i en1
sudo nmap --script broadcast-dhcp-discover -e en1

Amazon Polly – Text to Speech

Change font in Safari for readability

Under Safari > Preferences > Advanced you can add a custom Style sheet.

body {
  /* foce body to use the very good San Francisco font */
  font-family: -apple-system !important;
  text-rendering: optimizeLegibility;

p {
  /* fuck spotify */
  -webkit-user-select: text;

Home Assistant

Home Assistant

Sammelkalender Lenzburg

myStrom Plug

Hardware Review of the myStrom Wi-Fi Plug.

Laundry Sensor

Send a push notification when the washer stops.

Home Automation IR Transceiver

Controlling Apple TV with the Raspberry Pi.