Yannick Weiss

iOS & Swift

Collection of notes, links and thoughts about iOS development.

React, ES2015 and Webpack

A short write down of a simple webpack/react/babel example.


How I stream to livecoding and twitch.

No Third Party Scripts

Browsing browsing for a month without third party scripts. With the release of WebKit Content Blockers I wrote a Safari plugin called “Third Party Blocker” which prevents all third party scripts from loading. It was really easy to write and I recommend you to check it out if you are interested in writing your own Safari plugin. github.com/yene/Third-Party-Blocker.safariextension Some sites did not work properly so I added a button that lets you add exceptions.

Update Mechanism with GitHub

Use the GitHub Release feature to publish updates.

iOS Reading Light

Build the best iOS Reading Light app with just one line of code. The iPhone display makes for a great reading light, but we still need an app that displays a white screen and prevents the iPhone from going to the lock screen. Create Project open Xcode 7 File > New > Project iOS > Application > Single View Application Code Inside func application add the following line:



Crawling Dota 2 API with Go

To take part in the discussion on Dota 2 game modes I turned all the played matches into charts.

Go Programming Language

Collection of notes, links and thoughts about golang development. > Go is an open source programming language that makes it easy to build simple, reliable, and efficient software. golang.org After writing my first server in Go (also known as the server programming language) I became a believer. The language and its concurrent pattern are easy to grasp and offer business benefits. Convert now, build your next project with Go. Success Stories Many companies have started to replaced python, ruby, node and Java in the backend with GO.

WebKit Content Blocker

Brace yourself third party scripts are going to be blocked. WebKit is in the process of adding Content Blockers. This is going to allow us, the users, to block resources or hide HTML. Finally we can get rid of the pesky EU cookie warnings and safe our data plan! For webdevs I recommend hosting all essential scripts under the host domain (HTTP2 will replace sharding). So third party scripts can be blocked without compromising the functionality of the site.