Yannick Weiss

Apple TV Review and Apps

A fluid interface, a remote with touch control and an SDK. Apple TV is gonna replace every other media center out there and even enables you to play games on the TV.


  • Fluid interface.
  • Remote has touch input and can be used as game controller.
  • Only one HDMI output.
  • SDK and interface guidelines.
  • Can be controlled with universal remote.
  • Airplay.


  • Apple Music Subscription and Radio is really annoying.
  • I have to press my remote real hard to skip a song, maybe it is defect.
  • Siri does not work in Switzerland.
  • SDK is somewhat limited for now.
  • App Store is horrible. No separate Apple TV listing.
  • Requires special MFI game controllers.

iTunes Store Switzerland

The iTunes store respects my language settings and offers english movies but does not give me access to the same movie collection I would have as an USA citizen.


Apps offer you so much content: Live streams of sports and games, movies, TV series and user created content from youtube and twitch. Most of this without Ads, which means traditional cable TV subscription will slowly go away.

For example Twitch offers a channel called Creative where you can watch talented artists paint.



You can compile and run your own tvOS apps on the Apple TV. You only need Xcode, a free Developer Account and a USB-C to USB-A cable. This opens the door for apps that would not be allowed in the App Store.

How to Sideload an Emulator

Mario kart

A nice User Experience: Airbnb

The app Airbnb is a beautiful example of displaying and browsing products. I love how the app does not force you to log in but instead delays the log in process until you want to.


I hope some game developers will embrace the Apple TV and port their party games. I wish for awesome games like The Jackbox Party Pack or Sportsfriends.