Yannick Weiss

Brewing Coffee with Aeropress


I prefer the recipe of Lukas Zahradnik 2015 World AeroPress Champion. It uses the much cleaner invert method and no extra equipment.

  • Inverted Brew Method
  • 20 grams of coffee ground at the “7.3” setting on a Mahlkönig EK34 grinder
  • Heat 230g water to 79 Celsius
  • Add 60 grams of water
  • Turbulent wiggle 15 seconds
  • 30 second bloom
  • Add the rest of the water (170g) in 10 seconds
  • 45 seconds press
  • 1:37 minute total brew time

Iced Coffee

I had iced coffee that was COMPLETELY DIFFERENT.

Brew coffee hot, then chill the coffee instantly by pressing it right onto ice, this will capture all of the flavor. source


I use paper filters, I tried metal but it didn’t work. To grind my beans I use a Graef CM 80, easy to clean and low priced compared to other grinders.



  • Don’t heat above 90° C.
  • Always take your time to press it.
  • Don’t press it all the way down, stop at the end.
  • Bloom: degassing the CO2 from the coffee.