Yannick Weiss

WebKit Content Blocker

Brace yourself third party scripts are going to be blocked. WebKit is in the process of adding Content Blockers. This is going to allow us, the users, to block resources or hide HTML. Finally we can get rid of the pesky EU cookie warnings and safe our data plan!

For webdevs I recommend hosting all essential scripts under the host domain (HTTP2 will replace sharding). So third party scripts can be blocked without compromising the functionality of the site.

iOS 9 Content Blocker

For iOS 9 I made a small app Content Blocker that lets you use your own filter for Safari. My filters are hosted in its own repo blockerList and can be extended.


Sonntagszeitung.ch without Content Blocker

sonntagszeitung before

Sonntagszeitung.ch with Content Blocker

sonntagszeitung after

Future of Ads

What can you do against Content Blocking? Is it going to be a never ending game of cat and mouse?

You can embed the ads and analytics on the server side and deliver it with the content. And you can add some randomness to prevent that they can’t be identified by rules.