Yannick Weiss

myStrom Plug

mystrom plug

+ Local API
+ Good form factor, fits the swiss power outlets.
+ Package is made of paper and is easy to recycle.
+ WPS Support
+ LEDS are not ultra bright

- Installation manual missing manual setup steps
- myStrom App requires account
- Unofficial HomeKit integration


  1. Reset the switch by pressing 10seconds on the side button.
  2. Connect to the “my-xxxx” Wi-Fi
  3. Open

What’s the point of a printed manual when it references the online FAQ for doing offline installations.

When setting up the device manually it creates a fake Captive Portal where the user can do the setup steps, pretty neat idea.

The REST API is turned on by default and has no authentication or pairing process. The device is not protected with a login.

The device has unofficial HomeKit support. HomeKit code is 104-86-513.